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Hey all!

So I’m stuck out here on night shift. Bit of a quiet one so I thought I would jump on quickly and say hello, chat about a few things and generally just occupy some time, nah just kidding, I wanted to talk to everyone about something rather important and that is health. You see being out on a mine site you don’t get a lot of choice about what you eat, it’s either there or it isn’t.Being on crumby night shift is worse because you are doing anything you can to stay awake. Nutrition goes out of the window.

I’ve always struggled with my health, being on a mine site I feel has had a large part to play but ultimately it is my bad decisions that have lead me to where I am now. Bad habits develop, bad routines, bad influences. Being on an isolated site does wreck havoc over a period of time and a certain culture develops in order to get through and that is the pub. The local hangout where everyone can go and relax after a 12 hour shift. Hopefully I’ve painted the picture well enough for you. It’s not an easy place to be healthy.

Now I’m not into selling stuff or promoting shakes etc but if I find something good I’ll tell my mates. A friend of mine showed be a product called Kyani. It’s nothing to do with weight loss but more of a way to just get your body firing on all cylinders again. It’s 3 products, a small juice in the morning (30ml), couple of little drops into your bottle of water and some (quite advanced) fish oil tablets at night. It sounds simple but the guys at Kyani have crammed a lot of really (and I mean seriously) good stuff into their products. Alaskan blueberries, sockeye salmon it’s crazy the amount of work they have put into their product. I’ve been taking it over the last few weeks and I am feeling good. It’s not ‘wow look at me go’ or anything, I haven’t lost 10kg in a week but I am just feeling really good. I can get through the days with more energy than I had, I feel like I don’t need a coffee in the morning to get my ass into gear, I’m just generally feeling good.

I guess in someways because I am feeling good I’m starting to do things and eat things that are a product of a more healthier lifestyle. It’s not a wonder drug but if you guys are struggling out there with the same things I am then get in touch with my mate Cathy. I’m put a link onto this page as well.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions or experienced the bad lifestyles out on site before, is there a way to get better meals out to site so everyone else can benefit as well?

Are there meals that should just be avoided? Eating fish in the middle of the dessert is always a bit iffy, it’s not like it was caught first thing this morning haha.

Any way guys, another truck is about to come in so I’d better get back to it. Hope everyone stays safe and gets their fruit and veggies into them 😛


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