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Hi All!

Been a few weeks since the last post, sorry about that. Been back down in Perth sorting out the old finances. Truth be told when the mining boom was in full swing I did get carried away with the money I was earning and didn’t invest it wisely. When things eased back and the money became tight I wasn’t able to make the repayments, lost a lot of stuff and ended up in bad credit. I would like to publicly thank the team at Home Loans Bad Credit for helping me out over the last few weeks. They were able to help me secure a loan to get a house despite my bad history. They are life savers, good on ya blokes!

In the last blog I was diving deep into the history of Meekatharra so to ease my way back into things again I will pick up where I left off.

Gold, gold, gold!! That’s what it’s all about. Meekatharra is a former gold rush town first founded in 1894. It wasn’t until 1896, when gold was found nearby in the east Murchison area that more people started to make the pilgrimage and it boomed. This initial boom was short lived and if it wasn’t for a second discovery of gold in 1899 the town would have closed. What further cemented the town on the map was the introduction of a railway, allowing products to get in and out of Meekatharra quickly and easily.

As technology increases and the methods used to find gold become more refined it became easier and easier to produce a profit from the ground. The area continued to grow and over the years the mining companies became bigger and bigger. The technology and processes have come so far that people are able to go and go through their waste pile and extract more gold, gold they thought wasn’t even there.

This has all lead to the industry we have today, but what’s next? You see everyone has been so caught up with gold that there are other metals around the area that are in high demand and are on the surface but no one is looking for them. Lithium for example can be found in Meekatharra as well. That’s right the lithium used for batteries is right there next to gold but no one is after it. They all have gold fever. Maybe one day other mines will open and mine for different materials but for the time being gold is what put and continues to put Meekatharra on the map.

Anyway that should be enough from me for now, night shift is calling so better get some sleep.


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