The Healthy Miner

Kyani Healthy

Hey all!

So I’m stuck out here on night shift. Bit of a quiet one so I thought I would jump on quickly and say hello, chat about a few things and generally just occupy some time, nah just kidding, I wanted to talk to everyone about something rather important and that is health. You see being out on a mine site you don’t get a lot of choice about what you eat, it’s either there or it isn’t.Being on crumby night shift is worse because you are doing anything you can to stay awake. Nutrition goes out of the window.

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A Man’s Home Is His Castle

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Hi All!

Been a few weeks since the last post, sorry about that. Been back down in Perth sorting out the old finances. Truth be told when the mining boom was in full swing I did get carried away with the money I was earning and didn’t invest it wisely. When things eased back and the money became tight I wasn’t able to make the repayments, lost a lot of stuff and ended up in bad credit. I would like to publicly thank the team at Home Loans Bad Credit for helping me out over the last few weeks. They were able to help me secure a loan to get a house despite my bad history. They are life savers, good on ya blokes! Continue reading “A Man’s Home Is His Castle”