‘She ain’t nothing but a gold digger’


Well I’m back up on site now *sigh*. While I love the job the long swings can make it quite difficult, particularly when the night shifts arrive. That being said I will keep this post quite short tonight, a little bit weary after the 12 hours shift and to be honest I really should be sleeping. It may not mean much to some out there but I have been trying to get the work vehicles tinted to reduce glare and keep some of the heat out. I found that I was getting sunburnt even when sitting in the car. Up in Meekatharra the heat is something you can’t escape too easily. I’ve petitioned to the big bosses for something to be done as I felt this was a bit of a hazard. Most people retreat to the car because it’s cool, there’s no relief if it’s 45 degrees in there as well. Something was finally done about it ‘yay!’ and in the spirit of helping out the local boys I want to shout out to the fellas at Tint My Windows Perth. They flew up to site, bringing all their gear with them. Took the heat head on and drank just as well as the rest of us. Good on you boys!

Haven’t been able to do much with the new business ventures as I’ve been up here but thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you all about the gold digger up here that is Meekatharra. To give you a little history ‘Meekatharra’ is an aboriginal word which means ‘place of little water’….get the picture haha. Even though there is no water there is plenty of beer floating around, mainly Emu Export or ‘Bush Chooks’ as they are more affectionately know as. Quite a common beer out here because as the saying goes ‘it’s one of the few beers that tastes better warm’. Kinda fitting for a place that is extremely hot. Takes a lot too keep beer cool around here.

Meekatharra is home to the regional home to the Royal Flying Doctors Service’ which makes you feel quite safe should you need medical treatment in a hurry. It is also well know for it’s gold. Meekatharra experienced a bit of a gold rush  in the early 1980’s which saw several mines open up in relatively short periods. Many of these mines are still open today. There are many DIY mines around the place so care must be taken when exploring around the area, you’d hate to fall down a hole. It is possible to acquire tenements or areas of land which are yours for a fixed time. If you find gold it’s yours, if you don’t and the tenement expires then it’s up for grabs by someone else.

There are always a few people wandering around in the hopes of finding riches. Some of them even come wandering into our own mine site and pinch stuff from the rubble haha. Of course the company hates this but I say good one them 😛 the company makes millions. These blokes are luck to get a couple of hundred bucks. Share the wealth. Meekatharra has made a lot of people very deathly, at least give back to the town right boys?

Now before I get too carried away I might turn in and try to get some sleep. I will try to include more information about Meekatharra in the next few days. It really is an awesome place.


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