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So we have had an interesting few days. I was getting some solar panels installed on my house the other week and got talking to the boys about websites etc. One of the blokes has a son who is learning about rocks at school and asked if we would be interested in heading out and showing the kids our collection. We got in contact with the school and with the referral from the father we were allowed to educate the class about geology. As promised I said I would shout out the boys at Perth Solar Power Installations as a thank you. There work and service were also fantastic so can’t go wrong there.

It’s funny how the world works, it seems to run a lot smoother when everyone is helping each other out. After talking about our school experiences with the other geo boys we have decided to turn this website into something we can use to draw attention to the work we do and even turn it into an education platform for schools. Still in the development process at the moment but could be a new exciting opportunity for the guys who are located in Perth.

Question to anyone out there, has anyone set up a school program like this before? Is there anymore info that we can find out to help us get the ball rolling on this? Feel free to send your suggestions to us here.

Anyway onto geology briefly. I have lost touch with some of the guys I know are helping us with this site so where is everyone working? What roster are you on?

Myself personally I am at Metals X in Meekatharra. Working 2 and 1 second part of the shift is nights. Bit of a rough time at the moment but if there are any other positions going around then help a mate out 🙂

Apologises in advance if I am late to respond to posts or updates. I will do the best with the time I am given. That being said my shift starts soon so I better be getting some breakfast/dinner haha. Will post again soon!



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