The Healthy Miner

Kyani Healthy

Hey all!

So I’m stuck out here on night shift. Bit of a quiet one so I thought I would jump on quickly and say hello, chat about a few things and generally just occupy some time, nah just kidding, I wanted to talk to everyone about something rather important and that is health. You see being out on a mine site you don’t get a lot of choice about what you eat, it’s either there or it isn’t.Being on crumby night shift is worse because you are doing anything you can to stay awake. Nutrition goes out of the window.

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A Man’s Home Is His Castle

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Hi All!

Been a few weeks since the last post, sorry about that. Been back down in Perth sorting out the old finances. Truth be told when the mining boom was in full swing I did get carried away with the money I was earning and didn’t invest it wisely. When things eased back and the money became tight I wasn’t able to make the repayments, lost a lot of stuff and ended up in bad credit. I would like to publicly thank the team at Home Loans Bad Credit for helping me out over the last few weeks. They were able to help me secure a loan to get a house despite my bad history. They are life savers, good on ya blokes! Continue reading “A Man’s Home Is His Castle”

‘She ain’t nothing but a gold digger’


Well I’m back up on site now *sigh*. While I love the job the long swings can make it quite difficult, particularly when the night shifts arrive. That being said I will keep this post quite short tonight, a little bit weary after the 12 hours shift and to be honest I really should be sleeping. It may not mean much to some out there but I have been trying to get the work vehicles tinted to reduce glare and keep some of the heat out. I found that I was getting sunburnt even when sitting in the car. Up in Meekatharra the heat is something you can’t escape too easily. I’ve petitioned to the big bosses for something to be done as I felt this was a bit of a hazard. Most people retreat to the car because it’s cool, there’s no relief if it’s 45 degrees in there as well. Something was finally done about it ‘yay!’ and in the spirit of helping out the local boys I want to shout out to the fellas at Tint My Windows Perth. They flew up to site, bringing all their gear with them. Took the heat head on and drank just as well as the rest of us. Good on you boys! Continue reading “‘She ain’t nothing but a gold digger’”

Kick Off

Helping out

So we have had an interesting few days. I was getting some solar panels installed on my house the other week and got talking to the boys about websites etc. One of the blokes has a son who is learning about rocks at school and asked if we would be interested in heading out and showing the kids our collection. We got in contact with the school and with the referral from the father we were allowed to educate the class about geology. As promised I said I would shout out the boys at Perth Solar Power Installations as a thank you. There work and service were also fantastic so can’t go wrong there. Continue reading “Kick Off”

We are here to ‘rock’ your world!

Hello from the team at Quake 2 CTF. Now you may have stumbled upon this little site and wondering what we are all about….that is a very good question and one that we have not completely resolved ourselves yet.

We are a small team of geologist based in Western Australia and currently have or are working in rural mine sites around Australia. Some of us are based in Perth and some of us are out in the middle of no where. Continue reading “We are here to ‘rock’ your world!”